(Video) Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV) The Big Picture: Suez Canal Crisis

(Video) Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV) The Big Picture: Suez Canal Crisis

Topic: Suez Canal Crisis


  • Rakesh Singh, (Secretary, ICC Shipping Association)
  • Dr. Vishwapati Trivedi, (Former Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India)

Topic Description:

A giant container ship has been stuck in Egypt's Suez Canal for nearly a week now, blocking way for other ships to pass. A Panama-flagged ship, The Ever Given, that carries cargo between Asia and Europe, ran aground on Tuesday in the narrow canal that runs between Africa and the Sinai Peninsula. Authorities have been making all possible attempts to free the vessel and reopen the waterway, which is very crucial for global shipping. According to news reports, the blockage of the canal has resulted in a massive maritime traffic jam, causing delays in global shipment chain. According to official figures, some 19,000 vessels passed through the canal last year. India has chalked out a four-point plan to deal with the situation arising from the blockage of the Suez Canal, including advising ships to re-route via the Cape of Good Hope.This plan was chalked out in a meeting convened by the logistics division, department of commerce, government of India Friday. What all does this plan include? How significant is the Suez Canal for global shipping and what would be the implications if this blockage continues.

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