(Download) UPPCS/UPPSC Mains New Exam Syllabus "General Studies - VI"

(Download) UPPCS/UPPSC Mains New Exam Syllabus "General Studies - VI"

1- Overview of Economy of UP: Main features of economy and State Budgets, Infrastructure and importance of Physical Resources.

2- Trade, Commerce and industries of UP.

3- UP Government Schemes, Projects and Planned Development for welfare of People, Human Resources and Skill Development.

4- Investment in U P: Issues and Impact

5- Public Finance and Fiscal Policy, Tax and Economic Reforms, One District One Product Policy of UPGovernment.

6- Planning and management of renewable and non-renewable energy resources of UP.

7- Demography, Population and Censuses of UP.

8- Commercialization of agriculture and production of agricultural crops in UP.

9- UP New Forest Policy.

10- Agro and Social Forestry in U.P

11- Agricultural Diversity, Problems of agriculture and their solutions in UP.

12- Developmental Indices of U Pin various fields.

13- Geography of UP: Geographical Location, Relief and Structure, Climate, Irrigation, Minerals, Drainage System and Vegetation.

14- National Parks and Wild Life Sanctuaries in UP.

15- Transport Network in UP.

16- Power Resources, Infrastructure and Industrial Development of UP.

17- Pollution and Environmental Issues in U P, Pollution Control Board and its functions.

18- Natural Resources of UP- Soil, Water, Air, Forests, Grasslands, Wetlands.

19- Climate Change and Weather Forecasting issues in UP.

20- Habitat and Ecosystem, structure and function, adjustment; Flora and Fauna with reference to UP.

21- Science and Technology: Its issues, advancements and efforts in U P.

22- Aquaculture, Viticulture, Sericulture, Floriculture, Horticulture, Arboric culture in up and its impact on development of UP.

23- Evolvement of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for development of UP.

Courtesy: UPPSC