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Ireland’s Health service undergone ransom ware attack

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The health service of Ireland shut down all its IT systems on 14thMay to save them from a major ransom ware attack, paralyzing diagnostic services, discontinuing COVID-19 testing and forcing hospitals to cancel several appointments.

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An international cyber crime gang attacked Ireland's health sector services.

COVID-19 vaccination programme of the country was not directly affected, but the attack affected the IT systems serving all other local and national health provision.

Ransom ware attacks generally involve the infection of computers with malicious software, often downloaded by clicking on apparently harmless links in emails or other website pop-ups. Users are debarred of their systems, with the demand to pay a ransom to restore computer functions.

Prime Minister of Ireland has refused to pay any ransom. The systems have been shut down and it will be gradually re-opened seeing the seriousness of the situation.

The attack has largely affected information stored on central servers and authorities are not aware if any patient data had been compromised. Hospital equipment has not been impacted, with the exception of radiography services.

Many appointments including maternity services and child protection referrals are cancelled and are not operating.