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Why in News?

Recently, Chandra Mitra, who was an Indian journalist and politician died, was the editor of the pioneer and large hearted personality who opened up space for dalit voices.

Introduction to large heartedness:

  • The word large heartedness means 'the quality or state of being generous'. It defines a person's bountifulness, generosity, liberality, unselfishness.
  • Living in this 21st century with all the materialistic things, our mind and heart is getting materialistic and slowly, we all are forgetting the quality of our heart to remain generous, sympathetic and kind.
  • We are getting so much practical in our daily lives, that after completing our daily jobs, we get back home and sleep rather than taking out time to spend it with the world in a more generous way.
  • A person who is large-hearted is a person who lives life positively by adopting kindness, charity and generosity.
  • We all are children of Mother Nature. One mother nature is so big hearted and supportes our lives then how we could not have the quality and values of generosity.
  • If a person is generous with other person then he/she can help the other person and this helps us to grow together.
  • Looking at the world, which is so very asymmetrical in nature, some are rich, some are poor, some are old, some are young, some are deprived, some are fulfilled, some have shelter and food, on the other hand, some don't have any.
    We all support each other to make our survival easier. If one section of the society remains deprived, then the nation can’t grow but eventually after sometime, it will suffer.
  • The quality of large heartedness takes us close to philanthropism which seeks to promote the welfare of others.
  • So, for the welfare of others, we need the quality of large heartedness to grow and enrich in our heart and minds so that we can be kind, humble and support one another to live a peaceful and joyous life on earth.

Relevance of large-heartedness:

  • The shloka in Sanskrit " Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya" itself preaches the very relevance of large heartedness as it means – may all souls beings be at peace, may no one suffer from illness. This can only be achieved with greater amount of large heartedness & kindness.
  • Since the harappan civilization and the vedic times, our society have always been welcoming everyone, regardless of region, race, colour etc. We always had a heterogeneous society and shared our culture with other cultures as well.
  • Even the greatest of the greatest ruler like Ashoka, Chandragupta had liberal attitude and always welcome people of all sect and even took initiatives for welfare and charity.
  • At the individual level, from the very beginning of the childhood, first quality we learn is sharing and caring for others which is the first step towards developing large heartedness.
  • At the family level, we grow up together and support each other at grave situations. We develop a bond of togetherness and support for our family members.
  • At the societal level, there are different communities with different beliefs and customs but eventually their end goal is to attain prosperity with peacefulness which is only achieved after inculcating thoughts of love, kindness, sharing and a sense of positivity towards each other to line in harmony.
  • At the national and international level, for the world peace and progress, what is necessary, the inclusive development of all and mutual cooperation among all the nations whether developed, developing or less developed economies. A nation has to be economically strong as well as culturally strong- a nation gets culturally strong by the values of sharing, empathetic attitude and generosity towards each other.
  • SDG Goals 1 for poverty reduction, goal 3 for good health and well-being, goal 16 for peace, justice and strong institutions can only be achieved by having an attitude of sharing & a sense of generosity to support the marginalized.

Large heartedness – Anti-Dote to hatred:

Renowned personalities like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Mother Teresa, Mr. Ratan Tata, Nelson Mandela worked for the welfare of the people and have the quality of large heartedness inbuilt in them.

This world is not only known for its civilization along with it is known for the evils prevailing in the society. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, inequality, discrimination, malnutrition, energy crisis, water and food crisis are making the lines difficult and the result that we see are – unemployment amongst young people and intense poverty of people eventually leads to conflicts. This gives rise to violence, communal riots and eventually leading to spread of hatred.

This can be overcome if all the multi-stakeholders including the common people start to inculcate the value of having large-hearted nature.

As per the current scenario, lakhs of people are facing refugee crisis – like the Rohingyas,who don't have even a shelter to live. They have been facing huge amount of exploitation, be it physically, financially, mentally or socially.

Although, global institutions like WHO, UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNHRC are doing so much to improvise their conditions, but the ground reality is they are not getting accepted by the respective disputed countries.

This case shows the lack of large-heartedness of countries involved because if they include the refugees in the region, they will prosper which uses add to the prosperity of the nation.

Hatred is a devil which gets to the mind of a person then it spreads rapidly and does brain-washing of innocent people, so to kill this devil, what is necessary, is to built compassion and humanity towards every individuals.

Empathy and large-heartedness symbolizes man of high integrity:

  • A man of high integrity is a person who has the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
  • Empathy and large – heartedness are the basic moral values which a person has to develop to become a man of high integrity.
  • Empathy which means the ability to understand the feelings of another person should be taught and generated among the going ones, then only in future, they will understand the situations of other persons. This will move them to come forward and offer a helping hand at first to the needy ones.
  • This will enrich a person's personality to become a man of integrity.

Relevance in a country like India:

India has always preached the idea of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam' which means the world is one family.

Keeping this in mind, India has always helped and supported other nations like – it built Salma dam in Afghanistan India has built many hydro-electric power plants in Nepal like Pari, Trishuli and Devighat, India donated $4.7 billion to Bhutan between 2000-2017, and also donated £5 mn to Jordan to help with the Syrian refugee crisis. India sent a grant of $10 mn to UN to fight Ebola.

India itself has so many examples of persons who have the value of large-heartedness Mr. Ratan Tata is one of the most successful businessman of the country but he gives top priority to kindness and empathy while conducting the business. This desire to while his considerable wealth to enhance the quality of public life manifested in the creation of a trust fund. He is the true spirit of generality.

India is the first country in the world to mandate CSR funding and spending in which corporate companies need to spend 2% of their average not profit in the previous 3 years on CSR activities which are for the environmental and social welfare.

Relevance of large-heartedness for India

Charity and donations Equitable distribution resources Peaceful coexistence
Supporting the deprived sections Distribution of wealth and income Harmonious life

Contemporary events :

  • India's large-hearted policy of helping developing and developed countries when they were in peril amassed so much soft power that it is able to dip into that vast reservoir of international empathy in a row.
  • Not less than 150 countries have been beneficiaries of Indian vaccines, drugs, medical gears, and pharmaceuticals since COVID spread out of China and plunged the world into catastrophe.
  • Even before the pandemic broke out, India's 'rescue diplomacy' towards countries facing natural or human-made calamities had raised its stature as a 'first responder' to tragedies.
  • India has actively supported the UN's development work and ECOSOC.
  • Several countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Guyana participated in COWIN global conclave and lauded India's role in providing COVID-19 vaccines globally. They also have an inclination towards adopting the tech platform.


Living in the era of so many problems and challenges, we all need to walk and stay together, by sharing our shoulders and joining hands, we can support one another.Large-heartedness is a key to open the book of achieving inclusive growth and welfare of all multi-stakeholder approach and mutual cooperation can head to achieving our end goal of peace and prosperity.

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