Distance Learning Programme (DDLP) "Hindi/English Medium"


The Dhyeya DLP program has been designed to facilitate those students who are preparing for the Civil Services Exam but are unable to attend any Offline or Online Classroom programs, due to location or work commitments. It is also relevant for those aspirants who rely on self-study but require top-notch study material and evaluation tools to succeed in cracking the exam.

Key Features

  • Availability of Study material / Books / Periodicals at the doorstep.
  • Focus on the Current Affairs and wider coverage on Static portion of General Studies.
  • Facility to gauge the performance remotely and ensure constant improvements.
  • Academic support for doubt clearing as well as Mentorship facility.
  • Option to be a part of the acclaimed Dhyeya PMI (Prelims, Mains and Interview) program.
  • Choice to select the optional course along with the main course

:: Product Variants ::


DLP basic contains a Set of 23 high quality Books that are specially designed to cover all the contents available in the Standard books, NCERTs, Magazines and Journals that completely carter to the needs of any Civil Service Aspirant. Most of the books are printed in colour with beautiful illustrations and are supported with QR code links, which can be scanned to view the video content available in various platforms. The crisp contents of the books are written in a lucid way and covers every topic of the IAS and PCS Syllabus, thereby eliminating the requirement of any other study material.

Perfect Seven Magazine

The role of current affairs has tremendously increased in all the subjects of General Studies like Economy, Polity, Science & Tech, International Relations, and Environment etc. Generally, the Students rely on monthly magazines available in the market. However these Magazines are printed to cater to the needs of one day exams also, so they are more factual in nature which does not serve the special requirement of Civil Services Exam. As they are compilations of mere factual information while the exam demands a deeper understanding of concepts and its analysis.

One more problem with these magazines is that the information provided by them is one month old and thus the students are unable to match the pace with the newspaper. Along with this, the student gets flooded with a month's information all at once resulting in burden and boredom.

The solution to the above problem lies in the Fortnightly magazine "PERFECT-7" published by Dhyeya IAS and is based on current affairs to cater to the special requirement of the Civil Services Exam. Analytical compilation is done in a structured manner, of current events of a fortnight, from different sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, Economic Times, PIB, etc. This contains factual information, articles, essays & model answers in merely 50-60 pages which makes it feasible and a viable option for the students.

All the Features of DLP Basic (Plus) PMI


PMI tool has been designed to provide the experience of appearing in the UPSC exam for Prelims, Mains and Interview right from the beginning of an aspirant’s preparation journey with us. This exercise would be repeated 12 times and with every cycle the aspirant would gain more confidence to crack the actual exam. In this program, subject wise tests based on the NCRT books, are created to evaluate the fundamental knowledge of the UPSC General Studies syllabus.

This is done in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – covers NCRTs from class 6th to 10th, leading to the development of basic understanding of concepts.
  • Phase 2 – covers NCRTs of 11th and 12th class, focusing on the in-depth understanding of the content.

A student would have to contest with all the Dhyeya and outside students who subscribe to this programme, at each level to clear the cut-off marks to finally succeed. Students would be given objective feedback to improve their subject score. Once the student reaches the interview level, they will receive constructive feedback on how to improve their personality in order to clear the interview round of the Civil Services.

All the Features of DLP Advanced (Plus) Additional features, as given below:

Dhyeya Crash Course on current 150 Hrs. (Prelims)

The course has been designed to give extensive coverage of the Dynamic part of General Studies. In this course Expert Faculties would be analysing and explaining in detail, all the current events and developments which are of dynamic nature.

Classes would be provided through our Application Dhyeya IAS Online (powered by Dizwik) which can be downloaded from the Playstore. Each class would be of 2 Hrs and total no. of Hours of the complete Course would be 150. Downloadable Study material in PDF format would be provided in the Application.

All India Dhyeya Test Series (Prelims)

Mock Tests plays a crucial role in strengthening the preparation of any Civil Services aspirant. It consists of a series of simulated tests which are based on the current pattern of UPSC Prelims examination. It comprises of subject-wise full syllabus tests, that are designed for a thorough coverage of the entire syllabus in a systematic way. It helps to overcome the exam fear as one starts to understand the pattern of questions, time management and the results help to steer the preparation in the right direction.

All the Features of DLP Advanced Plus (Plus) Additional features, as given below:

All India Dhyeya Test Series (Mains)

There is a popular quote by George S. Patton Jr ― “He who sweats more in training bleeds less in battle.”

Hence, no serious preparation of Civil Services Exam can overlook appearing in the Mains Test Series of Dhyeya IAS. In the UPSC Mains Exam it is crucial to frame the answers in the most impressive way and within the prescribed time limit. One has to learn how to write a great answer.

The Test Series is designed by experts to develop the understanding of current IAS / PCS pattern and covers the entire syllabus. Model Answers would be provided against each question to build the answer writing skill of the student.

The paper would be checked by the experts of the subject and a merit list would be flashed. Personalised interactive discussion with the subject expert on one-on-one basis would be provided after each test to improve the performance of the student.

Dhyeya Crash Course on Mains (Duration 3.5 months):

It is a comprehensive programme with a regular and quick revision strategy meant for students who would be appearing for the IAS and PCS Main Exam. This rich content is highly current affairs focused so that students are able to effectively analyse the events and structure their answers in the best possible way thereby polishing their answer writing skills within a short span of time. Students are able to comprehend the exam pattern and are given enough practice and feedback to improve both timing and quality of answer writing.

Academic Support for Doubt clearing and Answer Writing Practice:

Dhyeya IAS is known for its Celebrity Teaching Pannel. However, it is equally famous for its Academic Pannel. They are the subject matter experts and understand the whole gamut of the Civil Services Exam. They are highly experienced and are aware of the current pattern of the exam as they have themselves cleared the IAS / PCS Main exam several times. Every student of DLP Advanced Success Premium and Premium Plus would be able to take advantage of this Academic Support Pannel who would guide and help them in overcoming all academic hurdles; be it answer writing, clearing doubts, etc. They would act as your guide, philosopher and friend in this arduous but fulfilling journey of becoming a civil servant who contributes to the prestigious job of nation building.

All the Features of DLP Advanced Success Premium (Plus) Additional feature, as given below:

Online Optional Subject Classes:

Dhyeya IAS teaches the Optional Subject in a most methodological way. It makes sure that the student reaches the degree level of that subject from the scratch. A student would be able to comprehend the subject with ease even though it may be an absolutely new subject for him or her. Students would be provided with comprehensive study material along with the class notes. The teachers of Dhyeya are extremely popular and are highly respected in the corridors of power where their students are proving their mettle by clearing the IAS / PCS exams.

DLP Plan

Price (₹) DLP (Basic ) DLP Advanced DLP Advanced
DLP Advanced
Success Premium
DLP Advanced
Success Premium Plus
9900 13900 31900 69900 99000
Medium : Hindi & Englsih
Books 23 23 23 23 23
Perfect Seven Magazine ( Hard copy 12 months + Soft Copy 12 months )
Dhyeya Crash course on current 150 hours ( prelims ) x x
All India Dhyeya Test Series Prelims x x
All India Dhyeya Test Series Mains x x x
Dhyeya Crash course on Mains Duration 3.5 months x x x
Academic support for doubt clearing & Answer writing practice x x x
On line Optional Subject classes x x x x

Dhyeya IAS DLP Vs Others

Dhyeya Distance Learning Plan (Comparison)

Features Dhyeya Others
Medium : Hindi & Englsih Yes Yes
Books 23 6~10
Perfect Seven Magazine ( Hard copy 12 months + Soft Copy 12 months ) Yes no
All India Dhyeya Test Series Prelims Yes no
Academic support for doubt clearing & Answer writing practice Yes no
All India Dhyeya Test Series Mains Yes no
Dhyeya Crash course on current 150 hours ( prelims ) Yes no
Dhyeya Crash course on Mains Duration 3.5 months Yes no
On line Optional Subject classes Yes no
PMI Yes no

Book List

English Medium Book Details

हिंदी माध्यम पुस्तक विवरण

S No. Title शीर्षक
1 Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude नीतिशास्त्र अवं सत्निष्ठा
2 Biology जीव विज्ञान
3 Physics & Chemistry भौतिक विज्ञान और रसायन विज्ञान
4 Physical Geography of India and world भारत और विश्व का भौतिक भूगोल
5 Disaster Management आपदा प्रबंधन
6 Ecology & Environment पर्यावरण और परिस्तिथि
7 History of Ancient India प्राचीन भारत का इतिहास
8 Indian Art and Culture भारतीय कला और संस्कृति
9 World History विश्व का इतिहास
10 Internal Security आंतरिक सुरक्षा
11 Indian Society & Social Issues भारतीय समाज और सामाजिक मुद्दे
12 History of Medieval India मध्यकालीन का इतिहास
13 History of Modern India आधुनिक भारत का इतिहास
14 Contemporary World समकालीन विश्व
15 Science & Technology Fundamental (New) विज्ञान और प्रोद्योगिकी पार्ट-1
16 Science & Technology Advance (New) विज्ञान और प्रोद्योगिकी पार्ट-2
17 Indian Economy - Complete Study (New) भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था
18 India & World भारत और विश्व
19 Economic & Social Geography of India and world भारत और विश्व का आर्थिक एवं सामाजिक भूगोल
20 Governance शासन
21 India After Independence स्वतंत्र के पश्चात भारत
22 Indian Polity & Constitution भारतीय राज्य व्यवस्था
23 Social Justice सामाजिक न्याय

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Payment for DLP

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