Comprehensive All India Test Series Programme for UPSC IAS Mains Exam - 2019

Comprehensive All India Test Series Programme for UPSC IAS Mains Exam - 2019

Total 20 questions out of 40 questions of General Studies - II & III of Civil Services Mains-2018 appeared directly/indirectly from our Mains Test Series -2018. These are the questions which can be satisfactorily / partially answered from our model answers.

Model Answer of CSE Mains - 2019 (General Studies - I, II, III)

Key Features of Test Series:

12 GS (8 Sectional + 4 Full Length) Test

Copy Evaluation as per UPSC Standard.

Answer Hints shall consists of

  1. Structure of the answer - It shall be indicative of the ideal framework of the answer like what should come in introduction, body and conclusion.
  2. Model Answer - An standard answer shall also be provided for every question. It shall be aimed at enriching the knowledge of the student.

Question as per UPSC Pattern

  1. Questions would be designed to improve candidates lateral thinking and multi disciplinary approach apart from the factual knowledge.
  2. Comprehensive coverage of complete GS Syllabus.
  3. Special emphasis on issues related to current affairs.

Snippet : Mains Fact File

It shall consist of value added material like facts, data, graph, diagram.

Test Details:

  • Total Test: 12 GS (8 Sectional + 4 Full Length) Test

Fee Details:

For Any Query Call us: 011-49274400, +91 9205274743

:: Test Series Schedule ::

TEST TIMING: 2:00 to 5:00 PM

Test No. Test Code Subject Date
Test-1 M-1901 GS Paper-II (Constitution, Polity) 11.11.2018
Test-2 M-1902 GS paper-II (Governance, Social Justice) GS Paper-I (Indian Society) 25.11.2018
Test-3 M-1903 GS Paper-I (Indian Heritage & Culture, History of India and World) 09.12.2018
Test-4 M-1904 GS Paper-IV (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude) 23.12.2018
Test-5 M-1905 GS Paper-III (Economic Development) India + Medieval India 06.01.2019
Test-6 M-1906 GS Paper-I (geography) 20.01.2019
Test-7 M-1907 GS Paper-IV (Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude) 03.02.2019
Test-8 M-1908 GS Paper-II (International Relations) 17.02.2019
Test-9 M-1909 GS Paper-II (Full Syllabus 03.03.2019
Test-10 M-1910 GS Paper-IV (Full Syllabus) 10.03.2019
Test-11 M-1911 GS Paper-III (Full Syllabus) 17.03.2019
Test-12 M-1912 GS Paper-I (Full Syllabus) 31.03.2019

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