Lead By Example

At DhyeyaIAS, we believe in leading by example. Our strength is our consistent result-oriented performance...

Nurturing and Shaping Talent

Because, your Talent determines what you can do. Your Motivation determines how much you are willing to do...

Enhancing Capacity

At DhyeyaIAS, our objective is to enhance student’s capacity and build desired capabilities...

Best Study material

At DhyeyaIAS, our guiding principle is “don’t study to earn, rather study to learn”. We too learn and grow...

Dedicated Team

We encourage Students to engage and evolve. Because, all of us may not have equal talent but all of us...

Teacher – Student Bonding

No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. We have teachers who learn more...



Dhyeya IAS, a decade old institution, founded by Mr. Vinay Singh and Mr. Q. H. Khan. Ever since its emergence it has unparallel track record of success....

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Our aim is to develop & nurture competitive attitude amongst student. We empower you to stay ahead a step in life by offering qualitative.....

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At DhyeyaIAS, we believe in leading by example. Our strength is our consistent result-oriented performance. It is our commitment....

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Our Mobile App

  • Our Application in Android

    To assist the aspirants to frame an accurate and separate strategy and plan at every level of examination, i.e., preliminary, main and Interview.

  • Classroom Programme in App

    Classroom Programme by the experts of their respective field, in order to assist aspirants to develop the clear and basic fundamentals of the subject.

  • Focus in Android App

    To focus at the aspirants belongs to the weaker section of the society and help them to be the part of the mainstream of the society.


Delhi Batch

Before anything else, preparation and razor sharp strategy is the key to success. With this idea and intention, our highly qualified and experienced

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Allahabad Batch

Distance Learning Programme, DSDL, primarily caters the need of those who are unable to come to metros for economic or family reason but

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Lucknow Batch

This is an innovative and first of its kind digital learning platform specially designed to address the challenges faced by civil services aspirants.

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LIVE Stream Batch

Ancient times Guru Shishya Pranali of imparting education was by the Guru at Guru’s premises /Ashrams. Ages passed, social pattern changed

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Topic-wise Article Analysis

Social Issues

  • 21 January

    Safe childhoods for a safe India

    Safe childhoods for a safe India Though belated, the decision to ratify two key ILO conventions on child labour makes clear ... read more →

  • 20 October

    Lock on womb-renting, cuffs on embryos?

    Lock on womb-renting, cuffs on embryos? Bombay HC wants govt to ‘apply their mind’ to the situation faced by 2 foreign ... read more →

  • 03 January

    विमौद्रीकरण VI: नकदी-रहित अर्थव्यवस्था –II

    विमौद्रीकरण VI: नकदी-रहित अर्थव्यवस्था –II (प्रोत्साहनकारी पहलें) डिजिटल लेन-देन के सन्दर्भ मेंमुख्यमंत्रियों की समिति की सिफारिश डिजिटल ... read more →

  • 03 January

    नकदी-रहित अर्थव्यवस्था

    नकदी-रहित अर्थव्यवस्था (Cashless Economy) भारतीयअर्थव्यवस्थामें नकदी की भूमिका: भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था की नकदी पर निर्भरता कहीं ज्यादा है ... read more →

Topper’s Testimonials

The personal guidance provided by director of Dhyeya IAS Vinay Singh Sir has played an important role in my success. Today General Studies plays a central role in the examination and in this context Dhyeya IAS team provided creative contribution in developing my understanding of complex and important subject such as international relations, economy and governance.

Lok Bandhu (7th Rank)

General Studies is not just in depth study of a few subjects and important topics rather it is comparative study of various section and also the art of making the same apart of one’s behaviour and personality. This perception of Dhyeya IAS’s Vinay Singh Sir towards General Studies has an incomparable contribution in my success. I will always remain obliged for this.

Suryapal Gangwar(8th Rank)

Dhyeya IAS‘s contribution in preparation of General Studies has been appreciable. The guidance provided by Dhyeya IAS’s Vinay Singh Sir and Q.H. Khan Sir proved to be very helpful in my success. I am heartily obliged to the whole team of Dhyeya IAS.

Arvind Agarwal (9th Rank)

The guidance and cooperation provided by Vinay Singh Sir is appreciable in preparation of general studies. His personal suggestions regarding development of an understanding of the subject and preparing the answer format proved very helpful for me. I am obliged for this cooperation of Dhyeya IAS.

Mahesh Kumar (14th Rank)

Dhyeya IAS’s Vinay Singh Sir’s contribution proved very useful not only for General Studies but also for the personality test. Personal guidance provided by Khan Sir in Science & Tech also proved very helpful.

Shweta Singhal (17th Rank)

I have taken the guidance by Dhyeya IAS’s Vinay Singh Sir since my last attempt. The inputs provided by him proved very helpful for personality test also. Even during this attempt, I was in constant touch which proved beneficial. Along with that the guidance provided by Q.H. Khan Sir for Science & Tech proved useful.

Sriman Shukla (18th Rank)

Preparing under the direction of Dhyeya IAS’s Vinay Singh Sir proved extremely important and useful. Sir helped me particularly in developing my writing skill & making the right study material accessible to me.

Priyanka Niranjan (20th Rank)

I am extremely thankful to Dhyeya IAS’s Q.H Khan Sir. Sir helped me in developing my approach along with the writing skill. Sir’s personal motivation played very important role in my success. Many regards to the Dhyeya IAS Team.

Adesh Titarmare (21th Rank)

I secured 22nd Rank in my first attempt. Thanks God. I came into contact with Vinay Sir who nurtured me as a mentor. It was his excellent effort on which basis I managed to develop a better and advance understanding of Indian Politics, Indian cum International Economy and International Relations. I owe credit of my success to Vinay sir and Dhyeya IAS.

Neha Prakash (22th Rank)

Dhyeya IAS’s cooperation in developing a comprehensive understanding of General Studies in commendable. The guidance provided by Vinay Sir and Khan Sir proved very helpful in my success. I am obliged to the whole team of Dhyeya IAS.

Ujjawal (24th Rank)

Dhyeya IAS’s contribution in preparation of General Studies in incomparable. The personal guidance provided by Vinay Sir and the study material provided by him remains matchless. I will always remain obliged to the directions provided by Sir for my success.

Ajit (26th Rank)

General Studies in not mere collection of facts rather it is the development of perspectives on social economic, political & international issues. And for the development of this perspective, I will remain obliged for my lifetime to Dhyeya IAS’s Vinay Sir.

Anjnay Kumar Singh (29th Rank)

Dhyeya IAS Academy is very supportive and encouraging of civil service aspirants. The teachers here are very concerned about the success and well-being of students and help a lot. It was a pleasure to be associated with this academic.

Arun Raj (34th Rank)

I would like to give the credit of my success to Dhyeya IAS's Shri Vinay Singh Sir and Shri Q.H. Khan Sir and the entire team of Dhyeya IAS. It Is due to their guidance that I was able to succeed in my 1st attempt.

Saurabh Gaharwar (46th Rank)

For preparation of General Studies I took regular classes at Dhyeya IAS. In my civil service preparation all these classes proved very helpful and beneficial. I am thankful to Dhyeya IAS's Vinay Sir and Khan Sir whose proper guidance ensured my success.

Shilpa Garg (55th Rank)