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What    –   Emission standards norms instituted by the government to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engines.

–      based upon Euro norms

History      –      India has introduced first emission norms in 1991. Higher emission norms was gradually introduced as-


2000            BS II                             BS I

2005            BS III (13 Cities)          BS II

2010            BS IV (13 Cities)           BS III

Now it had been decided to implement BS VI from 1 April 2020 by surpassing BS V.

It could have both positive and negative implications. Such as

Positive implications-

  •  *On Public Health

(Why – automobile exhaust are the main source of pollutants such as Fine particulate matters, SO2. NO, CO. so it can cause premature death , asthma and other respiratory diseases)

  • *On reducing Air pollution

Negative implications-

  • *On fuel producer
  • *On automobile industry

But there are several challenges in implementing  BS VI


  • *Ability of oil marketing companies to quickly upgrade fuel quality.
  • *Auto Industry – Need time to upgrade design (DPF & SCR)
  • *Problem of slow speed , so required temperature could not be obtained to burn sooth inside the engine
  • *Fuel containing more sulphur – cheaper (periphery of Big cities)
  • *Production of high quality fuel is not in required quantity. (High sulphar content also effects catalytic converter
  • *DPF have to optimized for Indian condition.
  • *Validation tests – time needed


  • *Same hindrance as was with BS IV
  • *BS IV could not be implemented properly because:-

bs-iv image

Non Improved air quality is due to–

  • *Faulty Monitoring of Diesel & commercial vehicle
  • *Heavy traffic – slow speed – more pollution
  • *Unpaved road filled with dust particle.
  • *Faulty urban development policy – unmanaged transportation system and shortage of public transportation system.

Sumitra Chaudhri Committee on Auto fuel vision and policy 2025

  • *Recommended levies for transition into low sulphur fuel.

IIT  Delhi Study – Best result when:-

  • *Raising the fuel standard
  • *Policy initiatives to influence Passenger behavior

Differences between BS V and BS VI

Untitled bs-vi

*In both cases one needs more time (at least 6-7 years) and money.

*Need other policy initiative in partnership with state govt.

*Technology must be introduced in series.

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